Thursday, October 14, 2010

You've Been Tagged

Despite the title of this post, I will not be ranting about how much it drives me nuts to be tagged by that "friend" who purposefully adds a really heinous photo of you to facebook. Although, that really does frustrate me. A lot of things about facebook frustrate me:

That awkward friend who you're not really friends with but keeps trying the "hey. how you? what are you up to?" approach everytime you're online. "Im still on facebook. You asked me that about 5 minutes ago."

There's also the top friends battle.
"I thought I was your number 1! ...and since when are you friends with BLAH BLAH?"

The chronic status updaters:
"I am now eating toast."
"I am now brushing my teeth."
"I am now letting you know about a really mundane thought I had. It won't make any difference to your life, but thoughts don't come to me very often, and this status is in tribute to the fact that my brain is still functioning, barely."

There are the facebook fights.

There are the spammers. (aka, me in the last 2 weeks of this blog project.)

There are ThE P3opLe ThAt TypE LikE ThIs.
It doesn't look cool. Don't do it.

And then there are things that are lamebook worthy and make it all okay.

However, this post is not about how facebook drives me nuts, or how great lamebook is.
This is about getting Banksy on their asses, and tagging the things that really drive you nuts.

While the blog is ending tomorrow, and unfortunately my wee little brain only sparked with this idea in the hours of this morning, I wont have time to execute it properly.
I figured I'd make a post about it anyway.
I am urging you to tag, with a permanent marker or a sticker, etc. Find something that really pisses you off and write "DRIVES ME NUTS" on it.

or. if you think that idea is super lame. leave a comment and I'll tag it on my own forehead and post the picture here by this evening.


  1. Hahaha!
    oh, you are so witty.
    this is honestly amazing and so worth reading :)

    what drives me nuts is pathetic high school drama...
    all I've been the past month (or more)is organising the matric dance and all I've experienced is drama, backstabbing and two faced rubbish.. been driving me crazy. at least it shows people's true colours.
    almost all over at least :)

  2. thanks kale.
    :) i really appreciate it.

    I am sorry to tell you that high school drama doesn't always end with high school. This is a sad and frightening fact that often leads me to doubt the brainpower of the human race.
    It continues to frustrate me to see melodrama, and though I am only in my first year of College, I have seen it amongst my mothers book club friends, in the business partners of people we know, etc. I fear that this will always be something that will drive me nuts.

    Maybe it would have been better if the world was ruled by apes.

  3. I wrote drives me nuts on a picture in a magazine.
    it's a photo of all the crappy idols SA finalists.
    does this count?

    ...none of them can sing.