Monday, October 4, 2010

Dramatise my Nuts. Drive Me RageToons!

So, we've discussed what drives us nuts... but there hasn't yet been anything revolutionary.
I went about looking for ways to dramatise the cliche. Brainstormed. What "Drives Me Nuts?", frustrates me to the point of madness, makes me angry, how do i show this?, and more importantly: how do I share this?

The answer was simple.
The phenomenon.
The subculture.
The legend.

...Rage Toons.



Rage Toons is a site on Tumblr, where you can see archives and archives of drawings of what really makes people rage. It will make you aware of things that you didnt even realise till now drove you completely nuts... and if you can think of something better, the template is available for you to draw your own ragetoon and add it to the archive.
This is the creative revolution, the solution to driving me nuts.

1 comment:

  1. Rage Toons are AWESOME!

    This picture makes me feel noise. And I want to attack my exam pad, but in the best way possible.