Thursday, October 14, 2010

As Promised...

To everyone I've annoyed with this blog, and to anyone who has enjoyed it in it's short lifetime,

Thank you,
and farewell.

Yours Truly.

Ill Will Inspiration.

Ill Will Press is a cartoon about a badly drawn squirrel, Foamy, who rants about things that drive him nuts (Get it: squirrel, drives me NUTS. admittedly a bit lame). ...Okay, so it's pretty ironic and the idea might not sound ground breaking, but some of them are pretty funny.

This one isn't the best, but it's the most relevant to the "drive me nuts" campaign:

People Pissing Me Off: Foamy

(to view them all go to the Ill Will Press vault.)

You've Been Tagged

Despite the title of this post, I will not be ranting about how much it drives me nuts to be tagged by that "friend" who purposefully adds a really heinous photo of you to facebook. Although, that really does frustrate me. A lot of things about facebook frustrate me:

That awkward friend who you're not really friends with but keeps trying the "hey. how you? what are you up to?" approach everytime you're online. "Im still on facebook. You asked me that about 5 minutes ago."

There's also the top friends battle.
"I thought I was your number 1! ...and since when are you friends with BLAH BLAH?"

The chronic status updaters:
"I am now eating toast."
"I am now brushing my teeth."
"I am now letting you know about a really mundane thought I had. It won't make any difference to your life, but thoughts don't come to me very often, and this status is in tribute to the fact that my brain is still functioning, barely."

There are the facebook fights.

There are the spammers. (aka, me in the last 2 weeks of this blog project.)

There are ThE P3opLe ThAt TypE LikE ThIs.
It doesn't look cool. Don't do it.

And then there are things that are lamebook worthy and make it all okay.

However, this post is not about how facebook drives me nuts, or how great lamebook is.
This is about getting Banksy on their asses, and tagging the things that really drive you nuts.

While the blog is ending tomorrow, and unfortunately my wee little brain only sparked with this idea in the hours of this morning, I wont have time to execute it properly.
I figured I'd make a post about it anyway.
I am urging you to tag, with a permanent marker or a sticker, etc. Find something that really pisses you off and write "DRIVES ME NUTS" on it.

or. if you think that idea is super lame. leave a comment and I'll tag it on my own forehead and post the picture here by this evening.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"Get a kick out of it!"

Type in your name, type in your favourite colour, type in whatever you like and find a cliche that matches.
Find your own cliche to re-invent.

If you're interested, here is a really cool site:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Renew Replace.

So, the whole aim of the blog is to revive the phrase "it drives me crazy."
As a generation, we have been characterized as being lethargic, excuse-makers, disinterested, and most of all complainers.

While this extremely negative archetype does not necessarily include us all, as a generalization, when I think of the people I know, I personally believe this to be true.

If we are so young, and so full of complaints about things which "drive us nuts", shouldn't we have a better, more renewed phrase? ...Or is there one already?
The actual term "driving me nuts" seems a bit outdated.
(Although the cool hipster thing to do as a Cape Town creative is to raid Grandma's jersey collection and pop the lenses out of her spectacles, we seem to disregard their verbal style and cringe at the thought of "when I was a boy" stories.)

I am asking you to help me come up with a new, better way of saying that you drive me nuts!

Post your idea's and feedback below.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dude, Literally.

Cliche's are cliche'd because they are tired, dead and over used. They are sets of words, that once upon a time probably made quite a bit of an impact, but now, our eyes glaze over when reading them and apart from being unnappreciated, they have become uncool. We cringe at the idea of our parents using phrases like "hold the phone!" and "the birds and the bee's"; and our future generations will probably look back at us with disgusted faces at the idea of saying thinks like "frothing for a jol!" (which I, and many others already resent) and calling each other "oke", "dude", and "bru."

One of the first thoughts I had when considering how one could possibly re-invent the phrase "Drive Me Nuts" was a literal interpretation. I envisioned a whole community of squirrels driving around in peanut cars (ofcourse there were squirrels involved!), and promptly stopped myself when my "driving me nuts" train of thought drove me to the thought of a scrotum.

"Arr! Its driving me nuts!"

From: Robot Chicken.

Last Weeks Comics:

Just for Fun:

For a quick dose of humor, and nutty inspiration, see last weeks comics:





Taken From: toothpastefordinner

The Original Nut:

Where it started:
"Well, in 1820 the word 'nut' was a slang term for your head. 
It eventually evolved into meaning not just 'head' but 'something wrong in the head', which is one of the ways we use the phrase today, saying someone is nuts, or that you are being driven nuts.

There are multiple forms of this phrase that uses different words, but all of them mean the same thing. You are frustrated to the point of madness"

taken from: Know Your Phrase!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dramatise my Nuts. Drive Me RageToons!

So, we've discussed what drives us nuts... but there hasn't yet been anything revolutionary.
I went about looking for ways to dramatise the cliche. Brainstormed. What "Drives Me Nuts?", frustrates me to the point of madness, makes me angry, how do i show this?, and more importantly: how do I share this?

The answer was simple.
The phenomenon.
The subculture.
The legend.

...Rage Toons.



Rage Toons is a site on Tumblr, where you can see archives and archives of drawings of what really makes people rage. It will make you aware of things that you didnt even realise till now drove you completely nuts... and if you can think of something better, the template is available for you to draw your own ragetoon and add it to the archive.
This is the creative revolution, the solution to driving me nuts.

Urban Dictionary

The Definition of Nuts

What Drives Me Nuts?

-bad service
-being put on hold and forced to listen to elevator music
-Christmas carols when it's not actually Christmas yet
-being tapped on the shoulder (to get attention)
-lumo wifebeater shirts
-personal space bubble violations
-parking: parallel parking, being parked in, loading zones, red lines, traffic fines
-speed camera's
-PeOpl3 WhO TypE LikE ThiS <3 
-slow internet
-bad adverts (especially infomercials)
-when you've already put the cereal in your bowl and then you find that theres no milk
-cliches (ha.)

Drives Me Nuts!

Hello Interwebs.
The Brief:
The aim of this blog is to re-invent, re-ignite, and revive the cliche:

-to make you crazy
-annoy you
-irritate/frustrate you

To do this, I need YOUR help, so get posting!

What drives you nuts?