Monday, October 4, 2010

Drives Me Nuts!

Hello Interwebs.
The Brief:
The aim of this blog is to re-invent, re-ignite, and revive the cliche:

-to make you crazy
-annoy you
-irritate/frustrate you

To do this, I need YOUR help, so get posting!

What drives you nuts?


  1. When you go to a show and the seats are unreserved. (You find a seat next to the isle where you can stretch your legs and leave if the show is really that crap.) Just to be informed by a selfish arrogant person sitting next to your seat that the seat is taken. Because?

  2. -strategically placed highlights

    -novelty ringtones-crying babies etc

    -people who can't back down from an argument


  3. -excessive spam... (although i am a huge perpetrator when it comes to advertising this blog)

  4. nuts drive me fucking nuts. i hate nuts. why do they have to be in EVERY fucking thing??
    Have you ever looked at the ingredients in things. ALWAYS "this product was made in a factory that contains FUCKING nuts" FUCKING NUT FUCKERS

  5. The delivery truck drives me nuts all the way to me local supermarket where I can purchase them.

  6. Government officials who don't follow the laws drive me nuts cause they get away with it all the time.
    I wouldn't mind as much if I could also get away with crimes.

  7. Twilight Tweens.
    Especially the ones with Twi-hard Tattoo's.
    Have you seen that shit?

    If I ever actually met anyone with "The lion fell in love with the lamb" tattoo'd on them in real life, I would definitely have to fork them in the scrotum.

    Although, if I saw one of the extremists with the actual Glitterboy portrait on them, a part of me thinks I might just give them a high 5.
    Its like seeing a retarded person stick an ice cream on their foreheads.
    They dont know any better, but ag shame, at least they're happy.

  8. thanks so much for your insights everyone.
    your comments were really appreciated.