Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dude, Literally.

Cliche's are cliche'd because they are tired, dead and over used. They are sets of words, that once upon a time probably made quite a bit of an impact, but now, our eyes glaze over when reading them and apart from being unnappreciated, they have become uncool. We cringe at the idea of our parents using phrases like "hold the phone!" and "the birds and the bee's"; and our future generations will probably look back at us with disgusted faces at the idea of saying thinks like "frothing for a jol!" (which I, and many others already resent) and calling each other "oke", "dude", and "bru."

One of the first thoughts I had when considering how one could possibly re-invent the phrase "Drive Me Nuts" was a literal interpretation. I envisioned a whole community of squirrels driving around in peanut cars (ofcourse there were squirrels involved!), and promptly stopped myself when my "driving me nuts" train of thought drove me to the thought of a scrotum.

"Arr! Its driving me nuts!"

From: Robot Chicken.


  1. bahah- your blog is pretty Candi.

    You know what drives me nuts?

    bad music particularly on 5fm
    and also
    Outsurance adds

  2. i wish i had a car shaped like a peanut.

    what drives me nuts:
    people who sup-up shit cars. hello? rather save up the cash you wasted on those cheap looking expensive rims and buy something roadworthy. preferably something that isnt vomit yellow.

    and why is it that these people all seem to have the exact same song that they just play really really loudly on repeat everywhere they go?