Monday, October 4, 2010

What Drives Me Nuts?

-bad service
-being put on hold and forced to listen to elevator music
-Christmas carols when it's not actually Christmas yet
-being tapped on the shoulder (to get attention)
-lumo wifebeater shirts
-personal space bubble violations
-parking: parallel parking, being parked in, loading zones, red lines, traffic fines
-speed camera's
-PeOpl3 WhO TypE LikE ThiS <3 
-slow internet
-bad adverts (especially infomercials)
-when you've already put the cereal in your bowl and then you find that theres no milk
-cliches (ha.)


  1. Do you know what drives me NUTS.
    people who can not spell.
    Candice! it's QUEUE! not QUE.
    other things:
    Bad grammar. people that spell grammar, grammer.
    ugg(ly) boots
    polar necks
    geese and most medium to larger sized birds
    people that say "like" a lot
    white people that think they're gangsters
    two-faced people
    people that are all image no spinach
    being bored
    not having a book to read
    denim mini skirts
    when you open your last avo and its brown.

  2. -when people answer their cellphones mid conversation/talk loudly and instead of moving away, expect everyone around them to sit quietly and wait for the interrupting conversation to end
    -when people text while you are busy talking to them
    -when people "borrow" things and dont return them
    -disrespect for personal property
    -sharing a bathroom in the morning
    -being late
    -too short skirts (aka: belts) especially on underage girls
    -diet fads
    -pretentious magazines
    -bad excuses
    -liers (which technically speaking counts about 99.99% of the human population. people all lie in one way or another, whether its to themselves, to others, to cover their own butts, or to exaggerate, or to just plain out cause shit. even lie detectors lie.
    we all lie.
    the o.o1% of people who are not liers are basically those who "suffer" from Chronic Honesty: the rare blessing to ONLY be able to tell the truth...)

  3. hehehehehe you guys be crazy so i will drive you nuts
    I EnJoY wAtChINg pEoPlE tYpe LiKe tHIs
    i hate QUEz
    okay i will stop now

    i don't like people that lie
    bad music
    people that suck their thumb
    bitchy people
    narrow minded people
    eyi i'll be back to write more i need to think

  4. jeepers i wont lie the list of yours most def tops everything on mine..but one thins that really grinds me and gets under my skin is girls that really have no idea what is going, or pretend to be stupid to get a guy and to top it off it FEKKING works... wow

    OOO and another thing is the dam printers and network at VEGA!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

  5. It drives me nuts when....
    ...people pretend to know better than you(when they really don't!)
    ...when your shoes get wet at the beginning of the day
    ...when they use under-ripe/over-ripe avo in sushi
    ...great things becoming commercial
    ...peas! in, on or served with anything. Ugh.
    ...people who hate Disney movies
    ...when people can't handle the fact that your opinion differs from theirs
    ...when there's no room for compromise
    That's all I can think of for now...

    x em

  6. i hate this new trend going around when people dye there hair 2 colours like side of the hair blue to be specific on the 1 side and the other side maybe purple or pink .you know who you are honey in jersey we don't bend that way .it suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.get a fake tan rather or tease your hair for fuck sakes.your from town not my little pony land

  7. i hate this girl that skirts that she buys in miami and i hates pink maxi dresses.i love pink alot but you fuck it up gawl .who gets a tattoo that isnt speeled right .